Coconut For Healthier And Happier Life

By Dr.Yusra Hashim


Coconut is the natural food that every cell in our body needs, to  function on high performance level, to make us healthier, happier and smarter. 


there are amazing health benefits in every part of the coconut ;in the inside water ,the meat fibres and in its oil .This made it on the list of the top 10 super foods on earth, in David Wolf 's book  and classified as a functional food by many nutrition scientists .



 According to  ILSI north America Special Conference , Functional Food is the food that provide health benefits above and beyond the basic nutrients .

 Coconut oil is the tasty food that boosts our body with high, durable energy and the medicine that protects us from infectious pathogens.

many studies proved that coconut oil improves the condition of diabetes, heart disease, bladder infections, asthma, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, HIV, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer. How can one natural food targets and improves the condition, in some cases cure, all of these diseases of different causes?


Coconut oil restores the normal healthy function of the cells that has been affected by the disease.

It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it enhances metabolism and cellular immunity.


coconuts are one of the greatest gifts on this planet .No matter where you are ,what you have done, how much you have mistreated your body, fresh young coconuts and coconut oil can save your life .

                                                                                     David Wolf

                                                                                 Nutrition expert

Our body uses what we eat to grow and heal. To live healthy is our responsibility that we can enjoy by choosing healthy food to eat.

You can safely cook or bake with coconut oil, spread it on the toast or eat it from the spoon.  

“Let the food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food “



Better proof than all studies

People in the tropics prove better than research the health benefits of coconut oil .They consider coconut tree as the tree of life, it supports them with everything they need to live healthy and happy. every part in the coconut is highly beneficial to human well being .



They have been living on coconut for decades. They use coconut oil daily in different ways as a food and medicine . Still they rarely have heart disease, inflammatory bowel diseases or diabetes. They are always healthy, happy, slim and young for their age.




In Dr. Bruce Fife book “Coconut Cures “he wrote about his friend in Rhode Island, Paul Sores, who makes his own coconut oil and uses it to treat people. Paul would say “it will make you happy, healthy, and beautiful,” and he considered it as a fountain of youth.

Join me in this eye opening journey, for our health benefits and for our beloved happiness, to spread the word of “use coconut oil for a healthier and happier life” to the world.

Together we can live our dreams real, to be Healthier and happier.


                        Healthy people = Happy people

                                Is a reversible equation




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