The Wonder of Young Coconut: Green Coconut 

By Dr.Yusra Hashim

Many people prefer young coconut that is also known as a green coconut because of its rich taste. Before coconut becomes fully mature, it usually has its green, thick and fibrous-outer shell. Juice produced by a young coconut provides its hydrating and refreshing effect. The meat can be mixed with a juice.

Coconut maturation 

There are nutritional differences between coconuts depending on its age, changes take place gradually during the maturation processes of a young coconut. 

Coconut palm trees produce a bunch of coconuts every month, each bunch contains 5-12 fruits. That means throughout summer and winter, no matter what season we’re in, the nature supplies us our need of coconut.

Coconuts takes 12 to13 months to be fully mature during which its products’s

taste and nutritional value changes, for example very young coconut which is less than 6 months old is completely filled with juice and has little meat. However when it becomes 12 months old it has little water with thicker meat.

Green Coconut

Young coconut is different in its shape and colour, it is green in colour therefore it is also called green coconut, still there are other varieties like the yellow, orange to red young coconuts.

The most important product of the young coconut is its water, the amount of water in a young coconut averages between 360ml to 480ml while in a the mature coconut it is only 240ml.

Young coconut water taste

Fresh young coconut water makes the best refreshing nutritious drink, what is unexpected is its taste, there is no coconut flavour in the juice, it’s just a light mild sweet liquid.The sugar in the water is different during the maturation stages of coconut.In the young coconut it has more sugar, and it’s of glucose and fructose type. With age, sugar reduces and becomes predominantly fructose. Young coconut water or juice contains absolutely no fat, however as it matures it contains 0.2g fat which is still insignificant.

The young coconut meat

Coconut meat is so tender and delicious when it is very young that we can scoop it with spoon. from this tender soft meat coconut cream is made.As the coconut matures, the meat becomes hard and thicker and the shell becomes harder to crack by the same tools we use for the green one.

By knowing the differences between the young and mature coconut we can choose the proper nutrient that we need in our different meals. Young coconuts provide us with a high nutritious fluid that support our need of fluid and electrolyte, we can also have the tasty coconut cream from its flesh. The healing and skin moisturiser coconut oil is from the mature coconut which also has the best fibres for healthy bowel.

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