Health Benefits of drinking Coconut water

By Dr.Yusra Hashim

The benefits of drinking coconut water go beyond having your tasty and refreshing drink directly from nature juiced for you . It improves digestion, clear up bladder infection, anti-aging , and of course for a natural body rehydration.

Its complex mixture of minerals, vitamins, enzymes offers a curing health benefits for many health problems.


Natural oral rehydration

Drinking coconut water supplies the dehydrated body with minerals and vitamins in addition to water.

It is high in potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium with traces of zinc and sulphur. In cases of diarrhoea or excessive Physical activities, coconut water is the best natural drink in replacing fluid and minerals loss.

One study shows that using coconut water in the treatment of patient with cholera raised the patient’s survival rate by 97%.


Coconut water can dissolve kidney and urethral stones

Its benefits for urinary and reproductive system is widely known in many cultures, especially countries in which coconuts are grown.

Medical research has shown that coconut water intake has a significant effect in dissolving kidney stones .Dr. Eugenio Macalalag, director of the urology department at the Chinese General Hospital in the Philippines, says that his patients have even been able to suspend dialysis treatment after regular oral intake of coconut water.

Dr. Macalalag also reported  a successful results using direct infusion of coconut water into the kidney through a urethral catheter, a procedure called "Bukolysis". Buko is the name for Coconut water in the Philippine .

Dr. Macalalag said bukolysis resulted in daily reduction in the size of the stones and its dissolution without the need for surgery.

Patients with renal stones also get the benefit of coconut water as a diuretic; so it increases urine flow and flushing out the disintegrated stones.


Ayurvedic medicine says

“Coconut water is sweet, increasing semen, promoting digestion, and clearing the urinary path”

Coconut water benefits the reproductive system

Women in the tropical countries used to take young coconut juice to eliminate menopausal symptoms.

Studies showed that coconut water has phytoestrogen properties and it composes of plant oestrogen.

Phytoestrogens might help in protecting the body against many health problems including; prostatic hyperplasia, cancer of breast, colon and prostate cancers , for cardiovascular health problems, brain function and osteoporosis .

Coconut water from a fresh green or immature coconut helps increase semen and increase male and female libido.

Coconut Water healps by its Anti-aging effect

Kinetin is one of the growth factors (cytokinin) in coconut water. It supports a healthy cellular division (cytokinesis) for growth and repair.

Coconut water is the richest source of cytokinins.

What are cytokinins? It is a group of plant’s growth hormones. It contributes in  DNA replication and regulates cell divisions. It reduces the resulting mistakes which occasionally occur in DNA replications. It helps in preventing cancer cell formation and in programing tumour cell to die. cytokines are anticancer and anti-aging hormones.

On human cell, cytokines slowed down aging process and degenerative changes.

Coconut water could help prevent atherosclerosis

A study, showed that coconut juice could increase blood HDL(high density lipoprotein) by 46.2% and decrease atherosclerosis by 41.1%.the researchers conclusion was that, “coconut juice as a kind of natural and nutritious drink can play certain roles in preventing from hyperlipidaemia and atherosclerosis”

Benefit of Coconut water for patients with hypertension.

A published study noticed the effect of coconut water on twenty-eight hypertensive subjects. After two weeks of recording the changes in systolic and diastolic blood pressure it showed a significant decrease in the systolic blood pressure of the group receiving coconut water.

Other health benefits of coconut water

These include, drinking coconut water can reduce intraocular pressure (glaucoma).few drops of coconut water in the eyes help in treating cataract. Coconut water also has a laxative beneficial effect for people suffer from constipation

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Coconut water by it's kinetin contents inhibits protein oxidation and glycoxidation in vitro, which are a strong factors in anti-ageing process and the fight against degenerative diseases.

 This study shows that kinetin is more antioxidant than vitamin C, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid

 This study showed the anti-ageing effect of kinetin on human cell .

 the anti-ageing effects of Kinetin are not merely due to the slowing-down of development, but are mainly due to a reduction in the age-specific death rates throughout the adult lifespan.


Topical kinetin 0.1% lotion for improving the signs and symptoms of rosacea.


Kinetin and kinetin ribofuranoside have been tested on tissue cultures of adult human skin, breast carcinomas, and cystic disease of the breast. Outgrowths of epithelium from skin cultures were retarded by kinetin and completely inhibited by kinetin ribofuranoside when treated with 1.0 mg. per cent .


study proved the significant effect of coconut water in restoring the normal brain tissue.




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