Chlorinated water damages your hair health

By Dr.Yusra Hashim

Coconut oil to neutralize the damaging effect of chlorinated water on your hair .


Chlorine is the disinfectant that usually added to swimming pool water to eradicate bacteria. So it is beneficial, to protects us against dirt and infections. But for our skin and hair health, it has a serious destructive effect.

Why precautions should be taken before swimming in chlorinated pool?

First ,I want to highlight some facts about  chlorine  .It is a disinfectant and bleaching agent .It evaporates in low temperature so it  enters respiratory system by breathing  causes allergy and complicates asthma conditions .

It enters the blood through skin absorption and penetrates the hair to the middle part of it.

It removes the protective layer of skin and hair.

Our whole surface body has natural protective oil that is secreted by the balances the skin ph. Level to kill pathogenic bacteria. It is our natural skin and hair moisturiser. Chlorinated water strips the skin and hair of this natural oil protection.

It cracks the outer cuticle hair layer and distracts the inner protein. This oxidative damage causes the hair to become dry, porous and even changes its natural healthy colour.

Colour treated and blond hair might see their hair colour becomes greenish after swimming. This happens when the metal in water (copper) oxidised by the chlorine and deposits in the hair protein.

Coconut oil protects your hair from chlorinated water

Coconut oil can protect your hair before, during and after swimming.

It is your natural hair moisturiser, conditioner and can chelate copper and protect your hair from its damaging effect and the greenish colour change.

Apply coconut oil topically to your hair before swimming will deeply penetrate the hair and protect the protein. This will saturate the hair from absorbing the chlorinated water during swimming. Increase your protection by putting on your swim cap. When you leave the pool wash your hair first with water to remove chlorine water, shampoo, and then condition your damp hair with coconut oil.

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