Can we avoid eating trans-fat?

BY Yusra Hashim

Trans fat is found in all processed foods, in chips, crackers, cookies, pizza, pies, salad dressing, chicken nuggets, ketchup and mayonnaise and the list goes on. Each time you read vegetable oil on the label you can expect hydrogenated oil with trans-fat.

When we know the toxic effect of trans- fat on our body, we will avoid it easily.

Trans fats replace the natural saturated fat in the cell membrane and lead to the deterioration of all normal functions of the cell.

 It is behind the atherosclerosis and heart diseases.  It reduces the insulin sensitivity of the cell enhancing development of diabetes. It is also related to autoimmune diseases and obesity.

What is Trans Fat?  

It is a man-made fat that is not natural and is incompatible with our body’s physiology. It is formed by hydrogenation or partial hydrogenation of polyunsaturated vegetable oil for commercial purpose to increase its shelf life. Unsaturated oils are unstable due to the presence of the double c-c bond. This instability increases by increasing the number of double bonds.

Hydrogenation process involves exposing the polyunsaturated oil to hydrogen under a very high temperature. This results in the formation of an artificial saturated fat and Trans fat.

How long have we been consuming these fats as a healthy alternative to the natural saturated fat in whole milk, meat fat, butter and coconut oil?

Since we changed our ancestors natural fat diet we have been facing different and new types of degenerative diseases that affect every cell and organ in our body.

Making my own food is my choice; actually it is fun to eat our handmade food.

It is the healthy choice for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Try it before deciding because you will feel the difference.

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