Coconut milk For Hair

By Dr.Yusra Hashim

Coconut milk for hair is an excellent way to boost the health of your hair thanks

for the vitamins ,minerals and good fat which is found naturally in coconuts. 

The benefits of using coconut milk for hair

The rich properties of coconut milk have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of troublesome hair and may also assist with hair regrowth.

It has the moisturising effect of the coconut oil, adding to it the essential for hair protein, vitamins and minerals it contains .You dont need to add anything to your hair treatment when you use coconut milk.

Many ladies have reported great improvement in their  hair growth and its texture after using coconut milk for their hair they also noticed that it delays the onset of grey hair appearance. it maintains the hair natural shine whilst adding its magical ingredient to strengthen the hair health. Its effect is deep in the hair and its root.

What you will gain by using coconut milk for your hair

You will achieve boosted hair growth, reduced breakage, damage and you will  protect your hair from the common hair problems that could happen secondary to internal or external environment changes.

It will also assist you in keeping your hair conditioned due to the effective penetration ability of coconut milk when massaged into the scalp.

It is a wonderful, natural and inexpensive way to manage and maintain healthy hair and scalp. You will find your hair more shiny and healthy, in addition to its deep conditioning qualities, you will never look to a commercial conditioner again!

How to use coconut milk for hair treatment 

Simply by massaging coconut milk on the scalp by sections, allow the coconut milk to cover each strand of hair and leave it in place for around twenty minutes or more if you have time, then wash it as you usually do to clean your hair.

Do it twice a week, but you will notice the difference from the first application,depending on the state of your hair, its lack of nutrient and hydration. When you feel satisfied with your hair ,make it twice a month .

The proteins in coconuts give your hair a heavy natural moisture quality and aids in improving hair follicles health. coconut milk also supplies your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow healthy ,shiny and beautiful .

How to make your own fresh coconut milk

To make your Fresh Coconut Milk You will need;

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