The superior Coconut Milk nutrition

Coconut milk nutrition is essential to to our health. It is a highly nutritious natural substance. It is widely used in many tropical cuisines such as Malaysian, Indonesian and southern Chinese cuisine. coconut milk is a basic ingredient in making curries. When the coconut milk is frozen it tends to stay fresh long enough to help prepare the dishes when needed .

why coconut milk is of high nutritional value 

Coconut milk contains a healthy and diverse range of vitamins and minerals,and is rich in fibres.

It is a good source of iron and vitamin C,E,K .

Coconut milk also contains selenium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium and its nutritional quality is further enhanced by its lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid .

MCFAs are good fats and are found in abundance in coconut milk - they are a healthy type of fat when used in moderation.

coconut milk health benefits;

Coconut milk nutrition can bring abundance of health benefits.

It is fantastic substance to help improve and maintain healthy digestion;

As coconut milk is extracted from the coconut meat ,it has all the health benefits of coconut oil which is considered as the most beneficial fatty acid,lauric acid .It is converted inside our body into monolaurine which is a potent antibacterial ,antiviral and anti protozoal agent . When taken in modest amounts, it can help to improve digestion, metabolism and is an excellent way to help in maintaining healthy cells and tissues. 

Healthy substitute for cow milk

Coconut milk is cholesterol and lactose free. it will be the best choice for those who are lactose intolerant, allowing them to enjoy their hot drinks and smoothies . 

Healthy beautiful hair 

coconut oil for hair is incomparable to any other hair treatment . It protects hair from losing its protein .When you apply it to your hair ,it provides it with protein, it nourishes the look and the texture of the hair .

It improve the beauty of your hair and skin when you take it orally as well.

It has the essential minerals that your hair needs to grow and shine healthily .It contains magnesium, potassium, copper, selenium and zinc, it is also rich in iron and vitamin c .

coconut milk is an excellent Antioxidant 

It contains selenium and Vitamin C, that give coconut milk the property of anti-oxidation. Oxidation is the process that forms free radicles in the body, which stimulates the inflammatory reactions to take place, causing different kinds of diseases depending on the affected tissue.

Immunity booster

coconut milk is rich in folate which is also called vitamin B9 and named folic acid as well. this vitamin is essential for the production of red and white blood cells .it is also important for rapidly growing cells, such as the cell growth happens during pregnancy.

Fresh homemade coconut milk or the  canned one ?

I can state that homemade coconut milk is richer in vitamins, food enzymes and nutrients than coconut milk from a can .

Fresh coconut milk contains vitamin E ,the heat sensitive and the vitamin that is absent in the canned coconut milk .

Moreover ,fresh coconut milk contains three times as much vitamin C as canned coconut milk .It is also richer in thiamin ,niacin, vitamin B6 and folate.

Making coconut milk at home is easy and the nutritional values you get are worth the time and effort you put in,  providing you with fresh creamy healthy milk as opposed to the canned coconut milk that increases the harmful PBAs in the body.

To Make Your Fresh Coconut Milk.

In addition to this Helpful 

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