coconut oil and diabetes

By Dr.Yusra Hashim

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in that its symptoms are solely affected by the food that diabetics eat. Talking about coconut oil and diabetes means that we mention the effect of eating this healthy fat on the development and prognosis of diabetes.

coconut oil is a fat burner

Eating coconut oil reduces fat storage therefor reducing obesity chances which is one of the risk factors in developing diabetes . coconut oil does this through its two unique characteristics;

First it increases the metabolic rate in the body so that more fat is needed to be burned.

Second it does not need insulin secretion, the hormone that is responsible for storing the extra calories into fat.

No spikes of insulin rise

Eating a meal cooked by or mixed with coconut oil will prevent the sudden rise in insulin levels even if there is a carbohydrate with high glycemic index in the meal.

coconut oil will slow down the digestion process so that the body gets all the benefits of all the nutrients in the meal, and it gets a steady secretion level of insulin into the blood. Another benefit to complete the process, coconut oil makes the cells sensitive to insulin which will allow the up-taking of glucose by the cell to use for energy production.

coconut oil is a healthy source of fast energy production.

The common problem in diabetes is low energy because their problem is with 

sugar metabolism, the source of energy for the body. 

coconut oil is a fast energy supplier for diabetics, without burdening the body with  an abrupt rise in insulin level which usually follows carbohydrate intake.

Coconut oil for diabetes type1

Diabetes type one usually affects children, and is caused by a deficiency in insulin.So it is all about insulin and coconut oil doesn't need insulin for its digestion, absorption and metabolism. That is a core issue for diabetes type 1. Coconut oil leaves the pancreas to rest and heal.

Coconut oil for diabetes type 2

In diabetes type 2 there is insulin in the blood, but cells don't recognise it and they become resistant to it. Coconut oil benefits them by increasing the sensitivity of cells toward insulin. By doing this, coconut oil has solved the problem of diabetes 2 in which case the patient can then follow a healthy life style.

In such case we can accept the idea that coconut oil prevents diabetes development if we regularly have coconut oil as a primary source of fat in our daily meals, which was very true in the communities who had depended on coconuts in their traditional meals; they hardly had diabetes cases because coconuts regulated their glucose and insulin blood levels.

Coconut oil for pre diabetes  

It is helpful to have a daily supplement of coconut oil for patients with pre-diabetic level of blood glucose to overcome insulin resistance and prevent development of diabetes.

Coconut oil helps maintain the general body health for diabetics.

Diabetic patients need to be followed regularly to check for development of systemic complication that could affect any organ in the body, Here is a summarisation of the coconut oil help for them ;

  • Coconut oil regulate insulin and blood sugarFor diabetes type 2 this healthy fat in some cases has reversed the original cause of the problem, which is insulin resistance.
  • coconut oil helps in restoring cellular function and blood circulation that could be distorted by elevated blood sugar(prevent diabetes complications).
  • It also increases the absorption of certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that diabetic patients need(it prevents malnutrition).
  • people with diabetes find in coconuts the superfood that maintains energy supply.

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