Truth about Coconut oil Benefits

By Yusra Hashim

People are increasingly becoming more aware of the coconut oil benefits. They started to discover and share more new benefits and usage methods of coconut oil, encouraged by the amazing results they are obtaining.

Grateful for the efforts of many great people like Dr. Bruce Fife, Marry Enig, David wolf and many others who had awakened the awareness of people to the great benefits of coconut oil.

They have created a new approach to fix the health problems that had been made by the misguidance of some leaders, who promotes the use of vegetable oil that is loaded with free radicals and dangerous Trans fats, instead of the saturated coconut fat.  


There is a surprising beneficial effects of the special saturates found in coconut oil.  

                                                                     Dr.Marry Enig PhD

Coconut oil regulates the whole body functions from the immune system, hormone production , nervous system, Digestion, nutrients and minerals absorption, metabolism, restores thyroid function, regulates blood sugar, it is also an anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant and ,antimicrobial superfood .In addition to its unique beauty touches on skin and hair . Certainly no one would like to miss out on all of these coconut oil benefits .

Don't forget that ,Ayurveda medicines had used coconut oil internally and externally to treat different health problems 2000 years ago.

No matter where you are, what you have done ,how much you have mistreated your body ,fresh young coconuts and coconut oil can save you

                                                                      David Wolf           

                                                                  Nutrition Expert

The secrets of coconut oil benefits

We all know that human milk is a perfect food. It is the food that is enough by itself for a human baby to grow, heal and develop the immune system in the early critical months of age.

It is the medium chain triglyceride that gives human milk these divine properties, that is easy to digest, easy to absorb, strengthen  immunity and support nervous system growth.

Coconut oil is the richest natural source of MCT on earth and offers us the same benefits . 

The other secret which makes coconut oil unique in its medicinal properties is its content of Lauric acid. It contains 53% Lauric acid, the miracle fatty acid.

Third property of Coconut oil is that ; it is mainly a saturated fatty acid which means it has no double bonds or free electrons. It is very stable and has a long shelf life. We can store it for more than two years without it undergoing rancidity or oxidation.

Best oil for cooking

It is the fat saturation of the coconut that made it highly stable, making it best cooking oil. Not only can we cook with coconut oil, but we can reuse it more than once.

Almost All vegetable oils are unstable as they are mainly unsaturated .it forms trans fat with exposure to heat light or air .

The liability of vegetable oils for oxidation increases the risk of free radical formation in the body which has a huge damaging effect on health. While coconut oil can provide powerful antioxidants , which then reduces the body’s need for vitamin E.

Other valuable fatty acid in coconut oil

In addition to Lauric acid ,coconut oil contains other important medium chain triglycerides, their health benefits started to attract the researchers to know more about its efficiency in medical uses like Capric and Caprylic acid that have antimicrobial effect with a higher antiviral efficiency ,myristic acid with anti-carcinogenic activity and  palmitic acid that supports  healthy immunity.




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