The Best Natural pre-dyeing Hair Treatment

 Coconut oil benefits in dyeing hair treatment are beyond expectations.


Most people love to colour their hair, either for change or to cover grey hair. So we need to know some facts about dyeing hair.

The effects of dyeing hair on hair health.

Hair colours are chemicals that distract hair structure and hair follicle health. The dye substance opens the cuticle layer of the hair and pass to the cortex to destroy the melanin pigments. The hair becomes dry, porous, and easily breaks. It affects the health of the scalp and hair follicles causing hair falling and loss.

The effect of hair colours on hair health is devastating. All conventional hair colours contain hydrogen peroxide. This causes severe oxidative damages to hair and scalp .

The metals (copper and iron) from the tap water or in hair products react with the hydrogen peroxide in the hair dye and precipitate in the protein layer of the hair. This will lead to free radical formation that starts a chain of oxidative damages to hair shafts and follicles.

Another bad effect of that metals reaction is preventing proper dye uptake by hair. The result is that we could lose our hair for an improper hair dyeing.


What to do?

Treat your hair naturally as much as you can. Prepare your hair for dyeing in advance. Coconut oil hair treatment before hair dying does miracles. You will be surprised by the result .




Your best natural pre-dying hair treatment

Coconut oil is the best choice for you to save your hair all the unhealthy and damaging consequences of dyeing your hair. For WHY the answer is :

·  First, it is a chelating agent for copper and iron. Coconut oil abolishes their damaging effect on hair health by deactivating them.

·  Coconut oil has the affinity to bind to hair protein molecules . With this property it protects our hair from losing its main building block (protein )  and preserves our hair health.

· It protects the hair from the damaging effects of peroxide, by making a natural protecting cover for hair. It really protects our hair from the outer layer to the deepest layer.

· Another unexpected bonus from coconut oil is that, it increases the dye uptake by the hair which gives the end result of having a harmonious and vibrant hair colour .

Coconut oil pre-dyeing hair treatment.

Unhealthy dry hair needs more time to be prepared for hair dyeing. So try to have three months period for regular hot coconut oil treatment to rebuild the hair health  before hair dyeing . 

In case you are new to hair dyeing or your hair is healthy .All you need is doing the coconut oil hair treatment the day before dyeing or at least one hour before. This will give time for the oil to penetrate deeply in the hair and scalp to build your natural hair protection.


How to do Coconut oil hair treatment for a proper and healthier hair dyeing

First clean your hair from any other oil or conditioner.

Apply warm coconut oil to your dry (for moisturized hair), or to a damp hair (if your hair is dry). Message the scalp with adequate amount of coconut oil then spread it to your whole hair. Be sure that you have covered every hair properly. Leave it for one hour then dye your hair as you usually do.

When you dye your hair with the assistance of coconut oil, you will have nice colour, and naturally conditioned hair.





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