Real Action of Coconut oil for hair Growth

By Yusra Hashim

To maintain a healthy hair growth we need a sufficient blood supply with optimum healthy nutrients to the hair follicles .Hair follicle is the living and growing part of the hair.

Coconut oil hair growth management involves; improving the blood supply and provide the super food nutrition to the hair follicles.


In Ayurvedic medicine topical Coconut Oil is considered both a remedy for hair loss and greying hair.



Hair health could be affected by many factors, some of them are, genetic, hormonal, nutritional, infections, medication and others.

Coconut oil has a great role in improving many hair health problems that cause hair loss or affect hair growth.

 Coconut oil assists hair growth by :

·  Head message with coconut oil improves the scalp blood circulation and enhance the blood supply to the hair follicles.

·  Coconut oil penetrates deep into the underlying connective tissue, gives the perfect nutrient to the hair follicles, Increases its cellular metabolism, and regulates the cellular function and immunity.

·  Coconut oil is the healthiest oil for daily meal to provide the essential for hair, fat soluble vitamins that improve hair strength and texture (vitamin A, D and E).

· It is a powerful antioxidant which we need every day to neutralise the damaging effects of  the free radicles effect on hair growth .

· The antimicrobial effect of coconut oil can cure most of the infectious skin diseases that affect hair follicles, like fungal infection, dandruffs, head lice and others.

· 97% of the hair is protein . coconut oil is the best oil that has the affinity to combine this protein and protects the hair  from losing it .

By its antimicrobial and anti-androgenic action, coconut oil hair growth effect should be considered in every hair loss condition.


When coconut oil improves health of scalp, neutralises the damage of free radicles, moisturizes hair and scalp, and protects it from dryness and heat, it will subsequently stop hair loss and allow hair growth to take place naturally.

Dr. Bruce points in his book, Coconut Cures “Some claim that coconut oil helps prevent both premature graying and baldness

There are people who wrote their testimony about having good results in restoring their normal hair growth by using coconut oil internally and as hair treatment. Others had great benefit by using coconut oil in addition to other types of oil like Emu oil or other herbs .coconut milk would have the same benefits as the oil .

Coconut milk is also known as an excellent hair conditioner , giving hair body and luster .Use it as you would the oil .It is reported that using coconut milk like this promotes hair growth and if your hair is beginning to turn gray , the new growth will come in with your natural hair colour.

                                                                                                                                              Dr. Bruce Fife




Coconut oil for your natural hair care .

 Coconut oil supports the external natural hair care and the internal nutritional supplement for a healthy and beautiful hair growth.


Eating For Beautiful Hair

Eating balanced food rich in the essential for hair; Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals are important step in applying natural hair care program successfully.

Vitamins For Beautiful Hair

vitamins that the body needs to build strong shiny hair



Hair Beauty minerals

 Acidity is a very common unhealthy state with decreased ph. level caused by consuming a demineralized food, and most of us suffer from.



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