Coconut oil for a beautiful skin 

By Yusra Hashim

Using Coconut oil for skin means having best moisturiser, anti-wrinkles, anti-inflammatory antibacterial antifungal and exfoliate skin care kit in one bottle.


Coconut oil is more than a fabulous food; it’s also one of the great beauty secrets of the tropics.

                                                                       Dr. Mary Enig N.D 

Beautiful skin is the mirror for inside health

Skin is the largest organ in the human body that reflects the inner health status. Clear and beautiful skin is the mirror for a healthy and well-nourished body. Unhealthy skin with dermatitis ,psoriasis or any other signs reflects unhealthy state of body .


Coconut oil is the functional food for the skin and for every cell in the body to live its glory of being in the optimum level of health and beauty.

Coconut oil is a fast tissue healer

Applying coconut oil for skin does not only moisturise it from the outside and makes it soft like baby skin but it penetrates into the deeper layers. It raises up the metabolic rate of the skin cells to the deeper layers makes the cells function faster and more efficient in growing and healing. This speeds up the healing of wounds, cuts and infections .It retains the normal skin fast,healthy and with no scars.

Coconut oil skin benefits for pregnant women

Coconut oil helps pregnant women to avoid having abdominal stretch marks through regular massaging of the abdomen with it before and after delivery.



Coconut oil enhances the normal function of the skin to exfoliate the outer dead cells. Topical use of coconut oil speeds up shedding  of the outer skin dead cells, softens the underlying cells, and strengthens the deeper layers.

The best natural suntan and sunscreen lotion

Applying coconut oil for skin before and after sunning protects the skin from the damaging effect of sun rays and gives it a lovely tan colour .coconut oil is the secret of the beautiful healthy skin of the people who live under the hot sun in the tropics.

Coconut oil anti-wrinkles action

Coconut oil brings back the normal structure of the skin cell membrane. Most of our meals are cooked with polyunsaturated oil . this causes the cell to become floppy and vulnerable to peroxidation. Replacing the polyunsaturated oil by coconut oil in our meals retains our skin healthy texture and beauty. Coconut oil’s antioxidant action neutralizes the damaging effect of the free radicles from food and from what skin absorbed externally.

These coconut oil skin benefits not only prevent wrinkles but it also removes the fine age lines and spots.


Coconut oil is phenomenal skin lotion. It is not only moisturizes and protect the skin it also attacks lipid-coated viruses and bacteria on the skin surface .

                                                              Eating For Beauty

                                                                   David Wolf

Coconut oil is the antimicrobial agent without any harmful side effect or bacterial resistance development

Coconut oil is a powerful antimicrobial that can help in treating skin with acne, athlete’s foot, warts and many other skin lesions .

Coconut Oil for Acne

The New Treatment For Acne Is Natural

These are 55 benefits of coconut oil on skin

How to use coconut oil for skin health


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