55 Coconut oil skin benefits 

These 53 coconut oil skin benefits is the result of the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immunoregulator actions of coconut oil. I have collected it from people’s testimony and what mentioned in Dr. Bruce Fife’s book Coconut Cures.


1.  Coconut oil skin moisturizer

2.  Baby’s Body lotion

3.  Cuticles and finger nails health

4.  Natural emollient

5.  Acne treatment

6. For blisters

7.   Athlete’s Foot /as Dr. Bruce points in his book; massage coconut oil    into infected area 3-6 times a day.

8.   Bee sting

9.   Bed sores

10.  Age Spots or liver spots  

11.  Arthritis and stiff joints

12.  Boil

13.  Candida infection (candidiasis)

14.  Natural Lip Palm

15.  Chicken pox, improve its annoying symptoms of itching and pain.

16.  Cold sore/Fever blister

17.  Skin cuts and wounds. It is the best wounds healer cream

18.  Dry Skin

19.  Dermatitis

20.  For baby’s Diaper rash. Wash the area, let it dry then apply coconut oil on it.

21.  Ear fungus. You know it by itching, white powder, or flaky skin inside the ear canal.

22.  Ear wax. Coconut oil will loosen it and let it out of the ear on its own.

23.  Ear infection. By using ear dropper to easily drop coconut oil into the ear. I use this method even for sore throat and flue; I usually have fast relief of symptoms.

24.  Eczema

25.   Gangrene

26.    Gingivitis .massage your gum with coconut oil and you will be surprised how efficient your treatment with coconut oil is.

28  Insect bites and Stings

29.  Insect Repellent, you can add to coconut oil drops of mint or rosemary essential oil.

30.    Itchy Ear

31.     Itchy skin

32.    Head Lice

33.    Psoriasis

34.   Skin fungus (athletes foot and nail fungus)

35.     Stretch marks, pregnant women need to start applying coconut oil on her abdomen and thigh before delivery and continue to use it after delivery.     

36. Tendonitis

37.    Warts .some of them are soft and easily penetrated by coconut oil but when it is thick walled it needs to rough up the thick wall, add hydrogen peroxide. Let it dry then massage coconut oil deep into the skin. Apply the oil 4-8 times a day .( this is Dr. Bruce way of treatment )

38.   Anti-wrinkles

39.   Yeast infection(vaginal yeast infection)

40    Natural Personal lubricant

41    For baby’s mouth Thrush

42    Shaving and after shaving cream

43    Nursing nipple, to calm and sooth irritation.

44.   Deodorant. And for bad body odour.

45   Eye make-up remover.

46.  Ache and pain

47.  For elbow, to smooth rough skin.

48.  Dandruffs / soak your scalp with coconut oil, leave it for 30 minutes, or leave it overnight and wash it in the morning will be better.

49.  For smooth feet, mix coconut oil with salt and massage it thoroughly, leave it for 15 minutes then wash it with warm water and dry it.

50.  For a baby’s soft skin hands, mix coconut oil and sugar , apply it to your hands with massage, wash it after 15 minutes with warm water  (try it you will love it ) 

51.  Natural Skin tan

52.  For body massage, it acts as a carrier for the body absorbs it easily. It also relieves muscle pain and stiffness.

53. To remove skin tag and small skin growth .Apply coconut oil on the affected area daily and as much as you can, you will see it decrease in size until it disappeared.

54. the original sunscreen lotion used by human

55.For fast healing of sunburn




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