Top 10 coconut oil uses
For Health and Beauty

By Dr.Yusra Hashim

Over the past few years coconut oil uses have increased substantially ,and its importance is being acknowledged .

In spite of the media’s efforts to promote the best diet programs for a healthy and slim body ,we were acquiring more chronic types of diseases and fatigue.

We have been warned not to use coconut oil because it is a saturated fat, but to replace it with unsaturated or the hydrogenated vegetable oil instead. This had produced opposite results ,we are having more cases of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Whereas people who lived in areas where they use coconut oil in their daily meals had rare cases of heart disease and diabetes. 

"He who plants a coconut tree, plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a home for himself and a heritage for his children" - South Seas saying

because of the unique fatty acids combination of coconut oil we can use it for many health and beauty purposes.

"If you could count the stars, then you could count all the ways the coconut tree serves us" - Philippine proverb 

Here are the top10 coconut oil uses with which you can’t substitute any other product or you will be accepting less than what you deserve:

1- Coconut oil is the number one skin moisturiser.

2- Coconut oil is a wound healer, it heals wounds cuts and scratches perfectly due to its antimicrobial and other biological maintaining properties.

3- Hair treatment oil, when applied to hair it leaves the hair shiny and smooth, without extra grease.


4- Acne treatment, from my experience, coconut oil decreases redness and swelling overnight.

5- Make up remover, coconut oil is a natural makeup remover, safe for use on the eyes and face, suitable for all skin types.

6- Cook some delicious food with coconut oil, I recommend frying your eggs in coconut oil for breakfast in the morning,the result is a dish that is rich with healthy fats and proteins. 

7- For hair pre-dyeing treatment. it gives homogenous colouring of the hair and protects the hair from chemical damaging at the same time.

8- To make an energising cup of coffee in the morning, add  a tablespoon of coconut oil to your coffee and then blend, the result is a latte like product without the use of milk, this will energise and prepare your body for the day.

9- Baking with coconut oil affects the texture of the dough and add a unique taste and flavour.

10- Oil pulling with coconut oil gives your whole body a new level of health that you can feel it more day after day.

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