Coconut oil weight loss promise

 by Dr. Yusra Hashim

We all know that obesity and being overweight increases the risk of having diabetes and heart disease. Coconut oil weight loss diet presents the easiest and the best natural diet to manage body weight for ever.

without overeating, adding coconut oil to food allows you to manage your body weight and boost the body’s overall health and energy.

What makes coconut oil an excellent weight loss catalyst?

the answer is the main component of coconut oil, MCFA( medium chain fatty acids .These special Fatty acids form more than 60% of coconut oil. The way these  MCFA move through the body-in the processes of digestion and metabolism-make it easy for the body to burn the excess fat.

The body uses MCTs for energy and doesn’t store it in adipose tissues. On the contrary of the effect of all other fats, eating coconut oil burns the stored fat especially around the waist .   

Coconut oil weight loss features

Coconut oil manages body weight through its three properties;

  • Coconut oil is the functional food that provides energy, nutrients and medicine to the body. It raises cellular metabolism and increases energy expenditure. So it leaves no calories to store as body fat.
  • Coconut oil has fewer calories than any other fat!
  • Eating coconut oil satisfies hunger longer than any other fat and most other foods! This leads us to carry on with our day energised without the need for snacks and this saves us from consuming large amount of calories!

Are the people with lower body weight going to lose more weight by eating coconut oil?

In a study, they measured the effect of consuming a meal rich in MCTs (medium chain trigleceryde) on the body metabolism before and after taking the meal.People with a normal body weight, their energy expenditure (which equals body metabolism) increased by 48% while with the obese people group their metabolism increased up to 65%, so the higher the body weight the higher the increase in body metabolism. To make it even better, coconut oil studies show that the lower the body weight, the lower the rise in body metabolism. This is how our body works naturally, when we feed it healthily.

How much coconut oil we can take?

There is no certain guide amount of coconut oil dose per day, some people get the benefits of coconut oil with one table spoon each day.

Depending on the amount of Lauric acid an infant receives from their mother’s milk, Dr. Marry Enig suggest 24 grams of Lauric acid for the average adult. This amount could be found in 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil or in 10 ounces of pure coconut milk , or you can take 7 ounces of raw coconut.

Always start with small amounts and increase it gradually.

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