Truth about coconut oil  


Coconut oil forms two third of the dry part of the coconut  .It is easily extracted ,people in the coconut growing  areas used to make their own at home .

Coconut oil have a unique type of saturated fat that is rare in our food. This saturated fat is different from all other saturates .



There is a surprising beneficial effects of the special saturates found in coconut oil.  


                                                     Dr.Marry Enig PhD 


 This special saturated fat named medium chain triglyceride (MCT) or medium chain fatty acid (MCFA)gives coconut oil its unique nutritious and health properties .

This type of fatty acid is of small molecular size .the body utilize it faster and easier than all other oils . 

coconut oil was commonly used in baking and preparing food before1950 . At that time people's meals were rich in the food which are now counted as  a health risk ;like eggs ,whole milk and butter .

Then ,heart disease , diabetes and degenerative diseases were rare .

what we changed to have these life threatening diseases is our diet .

    Coconut oil is free of cholesterol and Tran’s fat.

The expert on fat , Dr. Enig classified coconut and it's saturated fat as a Functional food that supply the body with health benefits beyond basic nutrient and that there is another functionality of coconut oil that is the improvement of health of mankind .

No matter where you are ,what you have done ,how much you have mistreated your body ,fresh young coconuts and coconut oil can save your life .

                                                                                                     David Wolf

                                                                                                    Nutrition Expert

The secrets of coconut oil benefits

We all know that human milk is a perfect food. It is the only food that a human baby use to grow, heal and develop the immune system in the early critical months of age.

It is the medium chain triglyceride that gives human milk these divine properties. Coconut oil is the second and the richest natural source of MCT on earth.

The other secret which makes coconut oil unique in its medicinal properties is Lauric acid. It contains 53% Lauric acid, the miracle fatty acid .

Coconut oil is very stable and has a long shelf life so we don’t need to refrigerate it. It can stay on the shelf for more than a year without undergoing rancidity or oxidation.

It is the best cooking oil, better than all vegetable oils which are very unstable in heat and produces toxic substances. Not only can we cook with coconut oil , but we can reuse it more than once.

The liability of vegetable oils for oxidation exposes the body to the free radical formation and its huge damaging effect on human health .





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