Coconut water
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By Yusra Hashim

When you shake the coconut you feel a fluid inside it, this is the coconut water. Which is also called coconut juice. It is a clear ,slightly sweet drink .

A unique food and drink from this divine tree.

From the tree of life, as people in the Philippine used to call the coconut palm, we get this rejuvenating drink in addition to the unique food from its fruit, coconut’s oil and fibres.


The Hawaiians call coconut water noelani which means “dew from the heavens” for its nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Coconut water is isotonic, like human blood plasma which means its electrolyte’s profile is similar to the human’s plasma electrolytes. For that doctors was able to use coconut water successfully as an intravenous solution during the world warII.

It is completely sterile and free of microbes if it is used properly from a closed coconut .

Coconut water is rich in minerals, vitamins, with little sugar and has no fat. The concentration of sugar and protein changes as the coconut matures but the minerals and vitamins concentration is constant through its life.

Coconut water from the young, green coconut is much tastier and the most health promoting .The brown hairy coconut we usually see in the supermarket is the mature one which is also good.

Coconut palm grows near the sea, its roots absorb all the minerals of the seawater and volcanic soil and filter it into the  coconut juice.

Coconut water/juice is rich in potassium, calcium, chlorides and magnesium with moderate amount of sodium, protein and sugar.It also contains traces of zinc, selenium, sulphur, iodine, manganese.

Coconut water is antioxidant, contains vitamins (mainly vitamin B) and amino acid (L-Arginine).

For athletes ,it is better than commercial sport drinks , it is natural and add health benefits as well as hydrate the body .

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Watch David Wolf showing you the fresh coconut and how to drink its water and eat the young coconut meat .hope you enjoy it

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