Declaration ……

I have researched all the information on my site, and it is all backed up by researches and studies in different scientific department related to human body health.

A big stream of highly credential medical doctors and nutritionist has followed and lead the truth of the great health benefits of coconut oil and they are using it for themselves as they advise their patients with great improvement and successful result.

I am living this truth every day, for myself and my family. We are very happy with the big result that we didn’t have with anything else before. We are using it in our meals and for treatment of tens of health problems we could face.

MY daughter once said to me “I start to believe that there is nothing that coconut oil has no benefit on it “

But there are few things deserve to be considered, which are;

· FIRST-We are different from each other to the extent that some treatment for us is poisons to others. There are no two people look the same in their outer physical appearance, how could we be the same in our biochemistry. So accept the idea that you could not have the same result as others or the opposite right you might have new benefits no one else think about it. For that let us share our knowledge and experience to save our time in this beautiful life journey together.

·  Second; some of the health problems need coconut oil to be added to other herbs or essential oil, to give you the result you need.


My experience of coconut oil on my skin

The first time I used coconut oil on my face I wanted to have its moisturiser, anti-acne and anti-wrinkles benefits .at that time I had a small skin growth on the tip of my nose which I didn’t think about it at the time. My result was, the acne disappeared fantastically, the skin looks younger, few age spots became fainter, and the unexpected miracle for me is the disappearance of the skin tag on my nose.

The downside result was its soothing effect was unsatisfactory, but I loved all other effect and decided to keep trying by changing the brand first, and mix it with cacao butter second but still my skin was scaly. Then while I am reading in the testimony from other people one lady attracted my attention, she uses coconut oil on her wet face, and that what I started to do and it worked. The result I am enjoying now of having smooth skin that I love and happy with deserves the effort I did .Yes I tried it with cacao butter, and with aloe Vera which didn’t help me . all I needed was keeping my face wet before applying coconut oil .


My advice is to start using it with small amount and increase it gradually, and to be patient. Coconut oil is a natural food and its composition of saturated fat is organic and part of our normal tissue so no side effect could hurt us unless there is something we don’t know about. Through patience we can translate our body language right and try to get the coconut oil benefits we are looking for.

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