Eating for beautiful hair

By Yusra Hashim


Protein is one of the essential nutrients for healthy and beautiful hair.

Certain vitamins and minerals are more important than the others for hair growth and beauty.

More than 90% of the hair is protein. To build strong beautiful hair, your body needs you to add the sufficient amount of protein to your food.

 The amino acids (protein molecules) cysteine, and cystine deficiency causes hair loss. Arginine, lysine and tyrosine deficiency also associated with hair falling.

Cystine and Cysteine

Cystine, cysteine and methionine are sulphur containing amino acids that the body utilizes to build strong hair, nails, skin, muscles and connective tissues.

Cytine form 14% of the hair and skin, it is one of the components of hair protein (keratin). It helps in the building and strengthening of hair. Cystine and other sulphur containing amino acids protect tissues from being damaged by radiation and heavy metals. Cysteine present in collagen supports healthy connective tissues and skin (including scalp tissue).


Cystine and Cysteine can stop hair loss and enhance hair regrowth significantly.


 High sources of protein;

Eggs (one large organic egg give you 6 grams of protein), Chicken, fish, hemp seeds, beans, and cheese .



Healthy hair requires specific protein-building amino acids and sulfur in the diet because hair is almost entirely made up of protein (97%) these factors can be found in hemp seeds, spirulina, superfood blends .

                                                                     David Wolf

                                                              Natural Beauty Expert


It is one of the protein building amino acids. Tyrosine is the precursor for stress hormone synthesis (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) .It also builds the important mood regulator neurotransmitter, dopamine that can control our emotional and behaviour responses.

Stress is a major cause of hair loss, which explains the successful results some people gain from tyrosine intake for hair growth .It also help in being more stress compatible. Because tyrosine produces melanin the colour pigment in hair and skin, tyrosine controls hair colour, and benefits people with early grey hair.

Foods rich in tyrosine are; chicken, fish, milk, almonds, avocado, bananas, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds.


"Having a balanced diet, while putting a little extra emphasis on things like protein and iron, gives your hair a boost," says Neil Sadick, a clinical professor in the department of dermatology at the Weill Cornell Medical College.





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