How to make coconut milk

If you happen to live in an area which is adorned with coconuts,how to make  coconut milk will be very straightforward. However, if you don't, there is no need to despair as you can still go ahead and learn how to make your own coconut milk, provided you can get hold of a fairly mature brown coconut or one which has been shredded in a packet .

Here is a quick and easy guide to make coconut milk!

You will need to shop as fresh as possible coconut in the market .look for one without dark spots and shake it to hear the coconut water inside it .of course you can make it from the ready shredded coconut as well.

  • you will need 
  • 1.50-2 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut .
  • 4 cups of water 
  • A Blender;
  • A cheesecloth and colander;
  • A kettle or pan;


  • Use an ice pick,poke two holes in the soft spots at the end of the coconut ,put the coconut on a cup to let the water drained into it .
  • Use a hammer to crack the shield and split the coconut open .
  • Use a sharp knife,carefully, to separate the flesh from the shell .
  • Removing the dark brown outer layer is optional .
  • Cut the flesh into pieces and grate it .
  • Heat some water in either a saucepan or kettle ensuring that you don't boil it – all you want to do is gently heat it;
  • Add your grated coconut to a blender and add the water that you have just heated;
  • Blend the coconut for a few minutes until you achieve a lovely creamy consistency which will be fairly thick;
  • Now, pour the blended coconut through a colander or a strain; you want to get rid of any pieces of remaining coconut;
  • Pour the strained coconut milk through a cheesecloth and ensure that no pieces of coconut remain;

That is it!  

You have now made your very own, exceptionally nutritionally rich coconut milk which you can drink immediately or store in a fridge for a couple of days! 

Don't forget;

  • To shake it before using it. when you leave it in the refrigerator a thick creamy layer will separate at the top of the jug .
  • It can go off very quickly and is best to be served within 3-4 days.
  • You can flavour it by adding 1/2 spoon of cocoa powder or 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen strawberry, choose your favourite . 
  • You can make a frozen cubes of coconut milk for you future dishes .
  • Coconut milk is an excellent addition to any diet and if you can make your own coconut milk you are on the right track! 
  • The good fat and the diversity of the wonderful coconut makes this an excellent way to boost health and beauty of your body .

To Make Your Fresh Coconut Milk You will need This Coconut Tool;

Coconut Tool

And You will need This Nut Straining Bag

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