Is Ketogenic Diet the Healthy Diet We Need?


Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet is the diet that increases ketone production (in the liver) .It happens when there is carbohydrate restriction and high fat consumption. This leads the body to break down fat and produce fatty acids and ketone bodies for energy.

Every cell in the body can use glucose and fatty acid for energy, except the brain which can only use glucose or ketones.

What is Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diet is the diet which contains very high percentage of fat, adequate protein, very low carbohydrate and no sugar at all.

How can coconut oil help in Ketogenic diet?

We need high percentage of fat to elevate ketone blood level to the nutritional ketosis which is around 2-5mmol/. Coconut oil can hit this target of ketosis with fewer amounts than other types of fat, because the MCTs in coconut oil produces higher amount of ketones per unit of fat molecule. So the patient will have more flexibility in adding some more carbohydrate to his diet.

Ketosis and ketoacidosis

Ketosis is a nutritional high ketone level in the blood, caused by carbohydrate restriction with high fat intake, as in Ketogenic diet. In fasting and starvation the body shifts to burn fat and produce ketone bodies for energy. These are normal physiological processes; the body uses to maintain a healthy status, without bad side effects. Sometimes it is a lifesaving and in other times it induces healing process as in neurodegenerative diseases that associated with glucose metabolic problems.


This is a life threatening condition complicates type 1 diabetics. When there is high glucose blood level with no insulin, the cells can’t use the glucose and the body will behave as if there is no glucose for energy supply .The body starts to burn fat to produce ketone bodies but here there is no insulin to stop the progress of this ketone production. Ketone blood level might exceed 25mmol/l, changing the blood ph. to acidic; the patient enters critical health damage.

My advice

There is a lot of encouragement to use Ketogenic diet, or to be "fat adapted" for weight loss , mind clarity and to prevent neurodegenerative diseases . We are  creatures with unique abilities and I can only be amazed by the power we have in thinking, in creating ,and in maintaining our health . I believe that nature offers us a variety of healthy food, mixing all that we need from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, packaged in delicious tasty fruits and vegetables. So to maintain our health we need to feed our body natural foods from the perfectly balanced nature with intermittent fasting which is Ketogenic diet. Use restricted Ketogenic diet to fix health problems.   



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