Saturated fat is innocent!  

Natural saturated fat is healthy .It is the man made saturated fat, the trans fats that we need to ban urgently.

Our body need saturated fat to build healthy brain, lungs, liver and every cell in the body need the saturated fat to work properly.

Two third of the human brain is fat, half of which is saturated .For that it is so important to choose healthy fat to eat, to optimize brain function and memory.

The air spaces in the lung surrounded by a vital lipoprotein complex coat, 100% of its lipid content are saturated fat.


Saturated fat is the fat that protects the liver from medicine and alcoholic intoxication, not the unsaturated.

If we think that cholesterol level might rise after we eat saturated fat, the liver makes two thirds of the cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol blood level doesn’t depend only on how much saturated fat we eat.

Saturated fat is highly essential for our cells to function normally. Replacing the healthy natural saturated fat by the hydrogenated unsaturated oil changes the normal natural structure of the cell wall. This has unhealthy impact on all cellular functions.

We have been on low fat diet for decades now. What we gained is more obesity, more degenerative diseases, and diabetes going to be epidemic. Our ancestor’s traditional food was high in dairy products and saturated fat but they had no heart disease or cancer.

What is Saturated fat?

It is the type of fat which its carbons are fully occupied by hydrogen atoms, so there is no double bond in between them . 

There are three types of saturated fats depending on the length of the fatty acid’s carbon chain. They are short chain fatty acid (SHFA), medium chain fatty acid MCFA, and long chain fatty acid LCFA

Almost 97% of all dietary fats we consume are of long chain fatty acid. We have limited sources of medium chain triglyceride in our diet.

We prepare most of our meals by cooking with oil. For that it is so important to choose healthy fat that is heat stable. Saturated fat is the most stable and healthy cooking oil.

We have been deeply misinformed about the healthy fat we need to eat for centuries now .Because of the Lipid hypothesis promoted in 1950 which connected between dietary fat and cholesterol with atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Lipid experts, cardiologists and nutritionists provoked the truth about the health benefits of saturated fat on heart health. 

The claim that saturated fat leads to heart disease is simply false. The major fatty acids in the cholesterol esters in the atheroma blockages are unsaturated ( 74% of the total fatty acids)

                                                               Dr. Marry Enig PhD

                                                                    Lipid Expert




Types Of Fat

There are two ways to classify fat, the first way depends on the saturation of the fatty acids it composed and the second depends on the size of its fatty acid.

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 studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD


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